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Update 27/3/2023: Gee Melbourne, that was fun! Thanks so much to all the bands who played with us and all those who helped make our little two-show run happen. Check out in the videos section of this website both gigs filmed in full and in 4K, and below the song “Revolutions” from our second concert at The Worker’s Club. Next stop, Sydney! 

Update 13/3/2023: Wow, time flies! Or Tempus Fugit, as it is in Latin. It’s been almost two weeks since the last post – a window of time which saw us finally play at Greaser – it was a great night! Check out the live recording of the entire set below, as posted on YT in 4K. Otherwise, have a great start to your week all! 

Update 2/3/2023: Amid tour planning for Melbourne for the end of this month, these last few days have contained some recording and collaborations for my sixth album “Felonious Friends”! Yes, that’s right, the fifth album isn’t out yet, and I’m already working on number six! This issuing is sure to titillate and transcend previous musical excursions – because each of the twelve songs that are planned for the LP all feature other singers – but you’re going to have to wait until December for that. Until then, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Fantasia Fugue, which is 91 days away at this point! Otherwise, hope you’re having a nice week, and stay groovy!

Update 25/2/2023: Thanks to Gabi Rankine for her wonderful shots of Alex Edwards Band’s outing at Tomcat on Thursday! You can view these in the gallery, but here’s a preview below! Otherwise, onwards and upwards to Greaser on Friday 10th March. It’s another free one, so hopefully see you there if you are a Brisbaner! 

Update 24/2/2023: Brisbane Ramblings releases today! Listen to it on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, YouTube and more. Its film clip has superseded last-minute technical issues, so please enjoy this music video performance of the single above! Woohoo!

Update 19/2/2023: It may seem quiet in Alex Edwards Band-world, but it is anything but! Tour planning continues alongside preparation for a busy week next week when our single and video drop (the day after our show at Tomcat with Lakeside Karage and Max Bader & The Upstairs Neighbours). Have you pre-saved yet? Be across it, and help support us as we attempt to spin the Spotify algorithm in our favour! Meanwhile, here’s the video from Ric’s – replete with 4K resolution!

Update 13/2/2023: Week two of our radio campaign for “Brisbane Ramblings” commences today, and thanks to Hush Hush Biz Magazine and BMA Magazine for their respective write-ups. Of Brisbane Ramblings, BMA wrote, “…subverting the personal and dousing the dense colouring across a backdrop of freewheeling jangle” – wow, such praise! Thanks to Melton Community Radio in VIC for adding the song to rotation, too. Can’t wait for the tune and its video to drop next week! In the meantime, AEB are playing a free entry show at Ric’s this Thursday night from 7pm. See you there, hopefully!

Update 8/2/2023: Film clip shoots today! Thanks so much again to Kim and Chrissy at Dreamscape for coming on board for a fun concept for our (technically) first single of the year, “Brisbane Ramblings.” Here’s a sample of the BTS with Patricia acting like a Sim! No more hints, hey? Stay tuned for the release! 

Update 4/2/2023: We have shirts! Check below and get in touch at if you are keen on one! We’re selling them at cost price ($30) at the moment. All sizes available! Otherwise, have a great weekend, yo!

Update 3/2/2023: Thanks so much for Scenestr for the write-up about “Fortitude Valley,” and also to Millie DeMichele again for her photography at Can You Keep A Secret last Saturday; those photos are live now in the gallery and here’s a few below! In other news, we shoot the music video for “Brisbane Ramblings” next Wednesday, so fingers crossed for a successful outing and cheers to Dreamscape Creative Agency for being up for the challenge. This one will be a doozy! 

Update 2/2/2023: It’s here! The album track “Fortitude Valley”‘s music video! Watch below! You’ll have to wait before you can stream this one on Spotify and the rest, but for all Alex Edwards Band fans this here on YouTube is a preview of things to come, and we hope you enjoy!

Update 30/1/2023: Announcement! While Thursday will play host to the release of the album track “Fortitude Valley” (complete with film clip), all ducks are in a row for the publication of Alex Edwards Band’s first official single of 2023: “Brisbane Ramblings.” This will hit all digital outlets in late February, so make sure you pre-save by clicking the above image for the 24th. More to announce soon!

Update 29/1/2023: Thanks to all who came to Can You Keep A Secret yesterday afternoon! Couldn’t make it? Make an evening of your Thursday night on 23rd February and catch Alex Edwards Band supporting Lakeside Karage along with Max Bader & The Upstairs Neighbours. This is a free show, so hope to see you there!

Update 26/1/2023: In the lead-up to Saturday’s concert, please enjoy this throwback to my 2015 album “Flight Frost”‘s opening track “The Land Of The Dragons” – it’s an acoustic version I recorded at home with my very helpful producer-cum-director Nathan Woodrow, and in 8K too! 

Update 25/1/2023: While we are gearing up for a big Saturday at Can You Keep A Secret, the release of Fortitude Valley has been pushed back a week to next Thursday (2/2/2023) – hope you can hang tight for this! In the meantime, check out these mint photos by Millie DeMichele of our Beardo Gig. Some killer actions shots for sure!

Update 23/1/2023: Thanks to all who came to The Bearded Lady last night! Onwards and upwards to Can You Keep A Secret this Saturday with Mizzie Maxx. This one will be a cracker. Otherwise, AEB are looking forward to releasing for you the music video for the album track Fortitude Valley… this Friday the 27th! Cheers y’all!

Update 21/1/2023: Ahead of the release of “Fantasia Fugue”‘s lead single “Brisbane Ramblings” we are excited to announce that we are soon to be sharing a music video for the album track “Fortitude Valley”‘; this will go live on 27/1/2023. Thanks all who were involved in putting it together! P.S. See you at the Beardo tomorrow night!

Update 12/1/2023: Alex Edwards Band are currently recording Alex’s fifth release, “Fantasia Fugue.” Featuring its soon-to-be-released lead single “Brisbane Ramblings” and more, this 12-track LP is sure to fulfil every expectation of originality that Alex’s music has set over the years. In other news, Sunday the 22nd of January plays host to Alex Edwards Band teaming up with Tyra & The Vinyl Ground at The Bearded Lady in West End. In the meantime, thanks to Jex Calder for some winning 2023 press shots (viewable in the Resources menu under Photos) and a continued thanks to Nathan Woodrow for the ongoing production work that is being done for “Fantasia Fugue.” Looking forward to sharing the new music with you soon!

Photograph by Darcy Goss (2022)
2022 Queensland Music Award-nominated Singer-songwriter, Alex Edwards

After earning industry praise for his sophomore release “Fealty Fjords” with the Billy Thorpe Scholarship nomination at the Queensland Music Awards in 2022, Alex Edwards’ alternative-indie outings to date tell the tale of mental health awareness, personal struggle and… well… extra-terrestrial life. Now, after having long-cemented his debut into the tapestry of Brisbane acoustic folklore (via the piece de la resistance “Flight Frost” mastered via Abbey Road in 2015) Alex in 2022 seeks his fifth publication with his tried and true Producer from Fealty Fjords and Fiesta Freedom, Nathan Woodrow. This release, due for publication in June 2023, is an indie-grunge imaginarium and is sure to be a unique twist in Alex’s presentations to date. Hang tight for shows, in the meantime, with Alex Edwards Band!

Photograph by Jex Calder (2022)
Photograph by Renée Brazel (2021)


From Flight Frost (2015) to Freedom Fiesta (2022), Alex Edwards has released four EP/LP’s to date. Click the image of Alex on the right to download all four publications (Flight Frost, Fealty Fjords, Flown Frosted and Freedom Fiesta) for free and secure the Alex Edwards discography as at January 2023. To be added later in June 2023 will be Alex’s fifth issuing, “Fantasia Fugue” – so make sure you are up to date with all of the music so far before its arrival!