Alex Edwards Music

Photograph by Renée Brazel (2021)
2022 Queensland Music Award-nominated Singer-songwriter, Alex Edwards

After earning industry praise for his sophomore release “Fealty Fjords” with the Billy Thorpe Scholarship nomination at the Queensland Music Awards in 2022, Alex Edwards’ alternative-indie outings to date tell the tale of mental health awareness, personal struggle and… well… extra-terrestrial life. Now, after having long-cemented his debut into the tapestry of Brisbane acoustic folklore (via the piece de la resistance “Flight Frost” mastered via Abbey Road in 2015) Alex in 2022 seeks his third publication with Queensland Music Award (or, the predecessor organisation to this body – Jeff’s a bit old!) winning producer Jefferson Fyfe… entitled “Flora, Fyfe.” This release, detailing the fictional journey of the Roman goddess Flora throughout the aeons, is sure to be a unique twist in Alex’s collaborations to date. Due for release in 2023! Hang tight for shows, in the meantime, with Alex’s band Snowcats!

Photograph by Jex Calder (2022)
Photograph by Renée Brazel (2021)

Please enjoy my latest single on the left (released 1/7/2022) from the upcoming release “Fiesta, Freedom” – entitled “I Have Schizophrenia” – featuring Blaq Carrie, Dorothy Daisy, Sean FitzGerald and Trav Jenkins! (Free download available!)