Reputed “The Sting of Oz” (FAQ Café, Moscow) in Russia, Alex had returned home for further touring in 2015 before yielding to a creative sabbatical in 2016 – whereby he composed his debut novel “Maradha’s Game” over many years… a legendary science-fiction classic, which at 220,000 words was released on the internet in 2022 (In this year he also released a novella entitled “Children Of The Coliseum,” although this book only registered 32,000 words!).

 Prior to his adventures in other expressions, his successful Northern NSW mini-tour in late 2015 helped cement his debut 20-track release “Flight Frost”, which as a production-free pilgrimage into singer-songwriter and folk-indie acoustica remains an independent masterpiece in the Brisbane music scene, and perhaps beyond.

 In the lead-up to this vogue anthology, he had again renewed praise for clear vocal tones and highly original songwriting: via Melbourne & Adelaide, fresh buzz followed 2014-2015 performances in Queensland (Beloved Brisbane venues such as The Beetle Bar and The New Globe Theatre, namely). Then releasing “Revolutions” overseas, Modnoe FM in Saint Petersburg summarised, “Beautiful songs, sensual voice.”

 Personifying “One man and his guitar” (Tapio Ylinen, Eclipse Music), the not-so-young tunesmith’s journey from “Fealty Fjords” (The 8-track sophomore EP, released in early 2022) continues: Alex Edwards’ build-up to his fifth release “Fantasia Fugue” (alongside his being the frontperson of Alex Edwards Band, who have won hearts in 2021 at King Lear’s Throne, Archive, Uh-Oh’s, Tomcat, Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage & The Cave Inn and in 2022 in so many venues further such as The Zoo, Stage Right, The Brightside, The Junk Bar, O’Skulligans, Back Dock Arts, Ric’s) showcases hard-won wisdom in the often ill-fated odyssey of the popular music composer, and therein certainly evokes California’s Musication 104 FM’s comment, “This kind of really represents an indie artist.”

 …So what’s next for Alex Edwards? Aside Alex’s third release (Alex’s second EP) entitled “Flown Frosted” which is the redux of some of the crowd-favourited songs from Flight Frost, 2022 played host to Freedom Fiesta (Alex’s fourth release) featuring the lead single “I Have Schizophrenia” – which hosts guest spots from QMA-winning urban artist Blaq Carrie, Gold Coast troubadour Sean FitzGerald (known for his work in “Sean FitzGerald’s East of Eden”), well-loved Australian actress Dorothy Daisy and musical handyman and ex-Osaka Punch guitarist Trav Jenkins. Moving forward, the release of “Fantasia Fugue” in early 2023 is sure to raise eyebrows and glasses alike.

 Yep, the future looks pretty bright for the part-time music journalist/novelist who continues to gain comparisons to artists like Elliot Smith and The Shins.

Photograph by Jex Calder (2023)
Photograph by Jex Calder (2023)
Photograph by Renée Brazel (2021)
Photograph by Jex Calder (2023)