A           L         I       E     N    S

LAURA IS FOR REAL. TREATY. 1954. ZETAS. ABDUCTIONS AS PART OF DEAL. But what kind of abductions? Mind-control programming ops? You better believe it. Did we ever get the technology that the Zetas are using on us? Only time will tell. Next video!

JOHN LEAR. “At least 70 different species.” Greys, 4 1/2 feet tall. Nordics. 7 foot talls. Good aliens and bad aliens. Reasons for interacting? Genetic experiments. MJ-12 guided the movies ET and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind as soft disclosure? Interesting. “Not benevolent” necessarily. July 2nd 1947 is alleged first crash of a UFO. Roswell? Yes. Weather Balloon re-brand. MJ-12 commenced in September. Designed for cover-ups and research. 4 bodies recovered. Autopsy slithers (slithers = comment by Greys who disliked the treatment of their kin). EBE-1 lived with American Air Force for 3 years. Henry Kissinger has been in cover-up since the beginning, apparently. “At least a half-billion years advanced.” DECEPTION MAYBE. EBE-3 lived a long life, apparently. Secret CIA memo’s.  Greys wanna regenerate their race. Whitley Strieber reference. Skin-slithering to eat. Cattle mutilations.


Government within the government. Outside of the law. Area 51. Area 54. Dreamland. The Ranch. Skunkworks. 51 is where Stealth was invented. Nevada. Gotta go there. MJ12. NSA confirmed it has a project Aquarius. NSA-Merertha, CIA-Merertha much? HOW DOES IT ALL CONNECT. Homey Airforce Base. 1974 seizing of land around Groom Lake by Air Force deemed illegal. “Things of alien origin flying in Nevada.” I don’t take the song away. Bob Lazar. S4. Anti-matter reactors. Gravity amplifiers. PASSED MULTIPLE POLYGRAPH TESTS.


Different types of time travel developed by the 1970s by DARPA. What the?! Hard pill to swallow. This one is harder to believe. Existence of the multiverse confirmed. Project Pegasus.
Greys: What if it’s possible in a weird way but that’s all we can tell you.


Renewal of democracy – the most important discoveries are kept from the public. Questions about what is going on.  Projects are illegal and unconstitutional. Eisenhower tried to invade Area 51. Has briefed so many government officials.