by Alex Edwards (2022)

   Maradha’s Game – OUT NOW

Join Maradha, the purple-haired computer hacker of Jupiter’s Io – who is tortured for her chance-happening upon highly precarious state secrets – simply while modestly investigating anomalies in various servers within her digital grasp. The early-forties technophile is thus electronically crucified along her righteous quest – to consequently expose the corruption she has learned of within the government – and she enlists the militaries of the Solar System to help her; they counter-program sanity and safety to her brain while mind-computing technology seizes her very ability to think! An inadvertent purgatory, an incidental symposium into war and peace and martial right… all topics and forces converge in peak cerebral torment to show the truth: That the meaning of life is hidden at the bottom of suffering, and only by spinning inside its trampling wheel can we ever hope to gather up our realisms for a ne plus ultra in the age… ours or
another future one!






Have a listen below to the first seventeen chapters of Maradha’s Game’s Audiobook Draft:

Children Of The Coliseum – OUT NOW

From birth, Zack and Mel were timelined to engage in mortal combat. One, a quiet, hypersensitive aesthete – almost a caricature of introversion – and the other, a rough-and-tumble warrior-personality… sporty, and flamboyantly athletic. Who could have predicted the outcome of the predestined timeline… is a figure of speech applying to previous eras… but not the shock; how could Zack come up trumps? Soft timelines left gaps in the explication of just how the reverse-co-opted reluctant soldier rose to the challenge of facing down his childhood buddy and stamping upon their rivalry once and for all! One thing was for certain: The technological powers of all of civilisation, greedily riven from futurism, far outpaced the imaginations of those twenty-third century dreamers… and they had lessons to learn from fate’s vagaries, and vendettas to exact inside those there nightmares illuminated by such sciences. Veritably, many did regret that Rome might have ever ascertained the peak of culture; the Coliseum.






As Jovia Dawns – OUT NOW

As Johnathon settled into channel, he unearthed the sprites of the known universe. What could go wrong – as one contrives to glimpse into the infinitudes of space and its inhabitants, spooling identities senselessly outwards – he thought? Narrowly, he dodged his own run-ins with recalcitrant proto-villains… yes… the ancestral evils of the cosmos… and instead, encountered L’doad’a… a squat alien living on Jupiter, who benevolently installed into his mind an interface to allow him to sort devils from damsels, and really draft into his consciousness the true storytellers of a conflict-laden galaxy. For The Milky Way held many occult symphonies, to be heard only by the unknown listener… amplified against their will every so often and dragged into fiery light for the onlooker to engage: What is identity, and what is the moral truth of sentience? War seesaws up and down on a fulcrum of Johnathon’s slow exposition as he unveils Atlantis, aliens and more – each with their own stake of centrality-to-narrative to allege ownership of… in the cosmo-political operas of star systems, so many unchartered, but all axially welded to their own brands of the story of good, eager to articulate it by the luminosities of their own solar days.