…my eulogy to The Queen… and alternative anthem to Advance Australia Fair!

Original artwork by @roger.burgin

Bm               Em             D

Sweetly she sang, as she laid down to rest

Bm              D             F#7

Rosaries and rites to receive 

Bm            Em             D

God give to laws, the brand new King

Bm         D           F#7              Bm

All of the years I’d wait to send

G            F#m A            F#m 

Word of how reckoned men

G      F#m   A             F#m

And all the ladies the same

G           D               Em          A 

A fabled land could end

F#             Bm   Em   Bm   D 

All of the Lord’s wars holy

Bm       Em               D             F#             Bm

The prince let his armour fall for all of history to know his heart

Bm     Em   D            

Moonlight, blue-black

Bm     D             F#7 
Black dreams to honour
Bm Em D

Red and black, blue or white

Bm       D        F#7         Bm

The Sun is only yellow

G        F#m   A         F#m      G 

I knelt down again, alone in Oz

F#m   A              F#m             G           D          Em                  A             F#       Bm 

To serve before the sword went down to find the shoulder of a child still wed to war

Em     Bm        D  Bm  Em 

From Afghanistan to Ukraine

D                      F#                      Bm

So swear my oath to fight for life

Bm       Em        D

Sunset in Australia

Bm       D                 F#7

True in breadth and hue

Bm           Em           D        Bm            D                    F#7        Bm

Our star it sinks like in our throats the passing of the Queen

G    F#m   A    F#m                 G          F#m 

Lay down all of your arms to beat the drums

A       F#m          G          D

The sight to see, from far, I came

Em      A    F#    Bm 

To fly the flag aside sea

Em                   Bm           D

Against rolling roar, from Wentworth

Bm        Em    D        F#              Bm

to Rudd we all go to our deaths, but first she.