Fantasia Fugue


I resume the oath in the never-through valley, west to martyr, the modern rune run-in
I was in a mess certain miles astray, commoner erasure due to folly
Cold, on a resolute woe, tell me what the sleet do when it melts
Now that i’m learning, balm us in the resin to pardon
I was in the rain, to follow this whim, with elders of a worn-out sign
I was sold the warren for a slight too wired
How to love alone, gets us through limelight, I was honoured to bountiful twilight
I was under lull of gratitude, hear me, I’m a sort dirty Philemon could free
It’s something very sovereign, with the law of lay carved in town. Little me, cardigan…
There’s one mother’s arm outmanned, there’s some rote for a two-bit stride
A loll about lies, they duped it… it wasn’t right, visceral timeline, say..
I do believe i’m outta rays… says the sun, of his wik and we roll in a well
So he didn’t know, i’m a rotten thug, sitting by my ruddy ends
Puzzled, until someone decodes, oh-oh-oh
Whoa-oh, muscle down the cold
As of this, well it’s so dramatic, now when we lose the first son of Luddite
any Moses whose turn is to write…anathema of how we’ll slack some
low, low vapour…
low is vapour… he says he never knows about it….and I know he never really wants to know…
He sings a prayer in the eye, they solemn find him, albeit adopted
…beyond fairweather
A leather rope with knot long loading, let it run all the rope never let it go
In your mind…
Out of luck, like a bootlick-matic, where to go, where to go not many know,
oh no, oh no
Arrested, love was on a bloody tether there where way down, there he waits
Once alone from the soundscape’s letter, was unknown by the sunspot’s sully
oh… oh…
We’ll make our song, oh ambivalence
It’s in that forest, that scroll; I was in love.

Oh Aladdin, tell me how they roll in Fortitude Valley unto night, willpower in the horror, wet of water
Senile, lay down with séance fomenting the leader of the underworld
Oh, they’re lining up in lemon to leave town, I will
Only running running away, down to hell
To make the sky know its daughter, to bear the only byway
True, thereafter the day I was under the floor,
Only then a nutter could slake all of my mind
And I will always be over you
And I will always be over you
And I only wanted you to know how it’s enough to wince
Not a little bit sad, enamoured by a falsehood
That I’m missing out
Oh Aladdin, lights do wait, do wait, t’tell you so fast that I will always be alone.

Rejoiced at last my loss
I was alike a ferris
Desiring all of the sky
A nation so brought in its sight
Wait my turn to ride
Wait my turn to ride
A wretched man, hope he signed
Awake in a world of deaf delights
Oh let it lie, the evening tide
Oh, a wretched man, hope he signed
Always right, on we sigh
Orwell’s alive revolving way down here
My garb will ever find
I was absolved of their
Desperate stretched-out hems
Dressed cognition, the prescient will might tote anywhere
My lord, to hear from you
Moiety to halve from youth
Though still I’m weighed how, my lil load on, and on, on and on…
I am remnant of waiting
The rivers I wade to drown

Unlike last year, tomb-like rutters
A calmer wind blew away
All of the lotteries won
If someone dare defy you
Eyes wide and whole, pretty whites
Turning their yokes to a fire so Hadean
Saw a way out, copper road
Any way the lemmings
Doubt me, doubt him
A sullen work, in morrow, saw the spade, to a grave
I wouldn’t speak to fall there backwards
War wears on to denoument
Ever make the maths of it?
Tesseract my own, to form again
Soil, waste, where had a home
Ever a nod to, to sing like a wafer-thin valedictorian here
Hear my pride
Hear my fight

One among would say, your heart is a dove
One among would say, your heart is a dove
Just one, just one, heavy like an angel
Two among would speak, of perfect sleep
Two among would speak, of perfect sleep
So two, there two, were heavy like angels
Your hair in my head
Well long before
Worlds may collide
Two among would speak, of perfect sleep
Two among would speak, of perfect sleep
So two, there two, were heavy like angels
Your hair in my head
Well long before
Worlds may collide
Two among would speak, of perfect sleep
Two among would speak, of perfect sleep
So two, there two, were heavy like angels
One among would say, your heart is a dove
One among would say, your heart is a dove
Just one, just one, heavy like an angel
Just one, just one, heavy like an angel
Just one, just one, heavy like an angel

Our will, our will doused
By wealthy ripe
Fat cats, then old money arrives
I’d sooner die, than vote
For the moneybags
Some penniless fool
Bred to just work
As a magnate
I am so lawless and yearn for the death of you young democrats
And do you redo kangaroo
Courts to adieu duties due?
To folk collared blue
Do we vote?
Do we know?
How they farm
Hounds to bark
Dog eat dog
My big shot brother
How ever annoying
Liar, liar
Liar, liar
Liar, liar
I mustn’t betray my cool

Ooh-ooh,-ooh-ooh yeah-yeah, come on….
Who’d been a lowly shame thus driving on
Ever so restless, pursuit to there thwart
I couldn’t help myself obey the fork
Isn’t it amazing what you find on my tine
A lot, yeah, yeah., come on….
Lame or exalt my spirit in silent psalms
In words mere fools would blame with to a god
Asthma, the time that I bade the high tide so long
Hey Mr. Reality attentuate soulmates’ sharks
Whoa-oh-ooh, fake to wake…
A woman he knives in her heart, a deep dive’s allure
I couldn’t help myself to be alarmed
Heirs are arrested in Hollywood, drowned in lore
Hey Mr. Go-to fin of design…
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, yeah-yeah, come on…
Oh, Mr reality, time to lope
Hours amassed in time to freeze a lone
Asinine melody, how they made tithe the law
I couldn’t bear the thought to be abandoned again
Alone, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, yeah, come on!

I had dreamed to join all the army’s honour and machos
But way too late I prayed that prayer
An officer said to me, figure it out, what wall against to stand
I resented so many wars, I wrote to delight the hand
I wrote in freedom never to find, the law behind the scenes
I row a precious little boat, row, they said row
Row to find, row to the light, early bright day
Waterfight, all to the right, waterfight tomorrow
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Gladly I degraded and cradled my rent
For it was that, the lease in the mind
Courage, mateship, hope
And I’d caress the mess I’d made, around in search of you
And for my relatives I
Connive rhyme to recall
Laid, down, warm by the fire
The men on the hill, credit

Odds divide, too with the sky

Along in the rain, owing this colour 

Old wattle-dew, long live the fume

Wherefore our home

At a shofar, bring it on   

Missive made 

Its sender, broiling in wine

Tuning out guile where it wrings up our wormwood and fame 

I’m alright today                      

I fold away white flags

 And in the rain, I sang


And alike, the foreign beret 

Delay the slow attempt of one

To break the bones 

Of the wits of you

Oh disgrace, instant disgrace, instant disgrace 

Yeah, yeah, oh-oh…

Sweetly she sang, as she laid down to rest
Rosaries and rites to receive
God give to laws, the brand new king
All of the years I’d wait to send
Word of how reckoned men
And all the ladies the same
A fabled land could end
All of the lord’s wars holy
The prince let his armour fall for all of history to know his heart
Moonlight, blue-black
Black dreams to honour
Red and black, blue or white
The sun is only yellow
I knelt down again, alone in Oz
To serve before the sword went down to find the shoulder of a child still wed to war
From Afghanistan to Ukraine
So swear my oath to fight for life
Sunset in Australia
True in breadth and hue
Our star it sinks like in our throats the passing of the Queen
Lay down all of your arms to beat the drums
The sight to see, from far, I came
To fly the flag aside sea
Against rolling roar, from Wentworth to Rudd we all go to our deaths, first she.

Broken I am, helpless, forever
So pretty she, she’s colder than you
Never love an’one else, sorry for dumb me!
I fall on my sword, for she who is bored
So beautiful, the sight, all day long
Lulling tunes, evermore
And then we meet, sparklers boil over
You in whom I believe
So not unlike all your lovers
Oh, wonderful friend, beautiful Australian girl
I am, a civilian, alone in my years
I had thought to feel the light petal
Copper against cotton on your chest, a medal
And when I die, they’ll give you my guitar
But I promise I’ll never die
Queen of swords, sovereign
Ruling Disney daydreams, mine
Knight of cups, restless
Remembering rhymes
So far away, fortunes unfold in fear
Never impressed, is she with my awkward, wobbling heart to her
Yes, amazing it is
To pretend
To a goddess
So pretty, my friend
One day I’ll be good enough

Gaia and Poseidon
Ever earth and sea
Soeur et un frère, was all that I had prayed
To be, with you, forever
Classified until we die, oh, so unaware is I
All that I would hoard
The same words, meaning gone
And she remains, alone
At attention, I stay, only the lost feelings
floated away, further down elsewhere from my… head
What was it like?
Every time
You watched me fade away
Oh, oh, oh, to you
What was it like?
Every hope
To hold in our hands, lost kids you and I
Earth sings to the tide, its friend
Hidden in my stare
100 yards unfold
Less and less to find
Is our strange affair
in heaven only, only
In a sea of cameos drowns
A brave heart unfrozen to her
But praising the dame’s only the fool, that bled
An evening, damned and drained of thought
Every time I’d always dreamed you’d be here