1. Brigid & Apollo

The right bonds of delighted gods

Shod by knowledgeable blondes

Empathy responds to enthrone

Adversaries’ neurones fond

They shall abundantly prove

You’ve imputed my canal

Us, et. al., the karmic breath

Of death, shortened by a pal

He, who speaks, to the deeds told by their own plots, stands apart, alone

So: I’m sure, if you take care to an idea, not a man, to own

Yes, you reap, in a witness, over all else, such an ire, bestirred

Real, upon, little friendships, goddess Brigid, shouts of life, there spurred

2. Apollo & Mercury

Apollo: In darkness and inside of fate, the same does teem:

Apollo: Thirst for blotted curses, shattered follies by theme

Apollo: Appear into the heap of things deduced by night

Apollo: The embrace of mind’s emergency, its ignite

Apollo: Renders barren by comparison other spurs

Mercury: Which melt away like bees inside the sun’s chauffeur

Mercury: Brought closer than the lamp it statutes, as a kiln

Mercury: A precept of broad guarantee that’s a ceiling

Mercury: Of its own commandments unto life, from filth and dross

Mercury: Gold circle, Heaven’s coin, embalming pests across

Mercury: Broomsticks’ fibers, as they sweep, like the star, sky-spun

Apollo: Only Mercury… you are so close to the sun!

Mercury: Woe is I, for the youth of my joke about me

Mercury: At least I can laugh, myself, the great Mercury

Mercury: Your storehouse of idols leaves you kindred with rain:

Mercury: Always falling further from Elysium’s drain

Mercury: Tumbling and stumbling apart of singing

Apollo: Serious is life, dear friend of often wringing

Apollo: Cloth, the stretching dry pastures are for ignorance

Mercury: Me, I cannot clade ‘tween sober and timorous!

Apollo: I suppose you think that better minds did not hold

Apollo: Out their forsaken and brave tongues to there unfold

Apollo: The wings of secret supplications, our elders

Apollo: Overwhelmed me with truth so much, there beheld a

Apollo: Paragon of satisfying logic, reason

Mercury: Pleasantness then is intellectual treason?

Mercury: Hear my cry, I believe you’ve declared for yourself

Mercury: A hobgoblin’s worth of autonomy, an elf

Mercury: -sized parcel astronomy, to me, Mercury

Mercury: I’m a planet you need your own ideas to see!

Mercury: So beautiful the capacity for wonder

Mercury: When it is housed inside of, on top of, under

Mercury: Consciousness unguarded by forbears, a child’s dawn

Mercury: What else does a child see but their own thinking’s spawn?

3. Diviana & Apollo

Diviana: Faithful, friendly, evil

Diviana: Found in our deceitful

Diviana: Beauty, as a bounty

Diviana: Born from, mournsome county

Diviana: Earth the, endless furnace

Diviana: Ever, clever spurns us

Diviana: To the trembling halfling

Diviana: Terrorised girl, t’bring

Apollo: Oh true, m’lass, molasses crass, the sweetner of

Apollo: My proclamation of a better wealth above

Apollo: Alike inward like bloodshed’s steward, enmity

Apollo: Love is but a rivalry, corrupted and free

Apollo: Just as each else independent hope does comport

Apollo: The storms of liberty are ironic in thought

Apollo: And right action could not contain the plea in her

Apollo: Draw to me a duel, desperately, Diviana!

Diviana: Thank you! Think I point blank

Diviana: Theorise your lies bank

Diviana: Upon utmost compost

Diviana: Underneath the brain lost

Diviana: Shadows show a minnow

Diviana: Shunting brunts to e’er flow

Diviana: Away from light, aloft:

Diviana: Apollo, slow and soft!

Apollo: Treacherous am I to you, in your stature’s cult

Apollo: Offerings I should otherwise make, lest insult

Apollo: The beautiful Diviana, bottled up and warm

Apollo: Like a genie-goddess, praised and prized from such dorm

Apollo: Because you are only as you say, when it’s spake

Apollo: Wordsmith manipulatrix, please, for goodness’ sake

Apollo: I long then for the bowshot, that cliches target

Apollo: Well-aimed and blasé by Cupid’s deftly ambit

Diviana: Broken mouths bray up paths

Diviana: Because sprees of speech; maths

Diviana: Paths that press, no purpose

Diviana: Pointless to usurp us

Diviana: Sung like smoke, for the weak

Diviana: Souls’ foul fogs, driven bleak

Diviana: Quaked and quietened now

Diviana: Quick it sees, fairness’ vow

Apollo: March my heart then through the holy home of reproach

Apollo: That acquits the graying game, of blame, to encroach

Apollo: Along a righteous hill, which reveals, saint or shill

Apollo: May the former be so needy therefore to mill

Apollo: For me a shield that reviles lies – reject, am I!

Apollo: And press forward with the luminaries, truth’s ally

Apollo: Is still the sun, torrents like prophets of your name

Apollo: Wave through me: I heard you, I love you, all the same

4. Apollo & Aphrodite

Apollo: The law sustains, you know, to assail sin

Aphrodite: Ruthless Apollo, faint the weeping in

Apollo: Yes, I do I slander: we are that vile

Apollo: Humans, that is, human beings are hostile

Aphrodite: Mankind lives in shame because they’re corrupt

Aphrodite: Hurry, prowl and tremble in your construct

Aphrodite: Foe or fellow, the smooth attack you wage

Apollo: Aphrodite, my sister, and my sage

Apollo: The two are vows upon a scroll she trusts

Aphrodite: Streams of wind delight my righteous there-gusts

Apollo: Dash me in your plots to rule my wisdom

Aphrodite: Mine, to leave our spaceship here in Brisbane

Apollo: Yes, let the dust rise as we trample down

Aphrodite: Apart from wrath, apart from swords, peacefully

Apollo: Apart from falsehood on your holy bed?

Aphrodite: Mercy, young man, dwells in me for your head

Aphrodite: You love for yourself mountains of glory

Apollo: Servant of the truth, pray, what then of me?

Aphrodite: Deadly ally of your own prepared cause

Apollo: My heart, a weapon, true, it overawes

Aphrodite: Itself, ha ha, scoop out your breath, like soil…

Apollo: To plant new words where once the most were foul?

Aphrodite: Tele-pathetic, vain man… God does not

Aphrodite: Scoff at the heedless many… his main thought

Aphrodite: Is to liberally plow away the chaff

Aphrodite: …of the land, where souls are bailed on behalf

Aphrodite: Of oaths to keep to Him – this is ample

Aphrodite: To bind to white light, they… yes, to trample!

Apollo: And what of exile from a mother’s womb?

Aphrodite: You mean, Eden? Captivity’s bridegroom?

Aphrodite: For we were meant to rejoice ourselves grace…

Apollo: Merrymaking sheep are we face-to-face

Apollo: Then, without the need for shepherds, or speech!

Aphrodite: How dare you fix against God’s paradox?

Aphrodite: His pillars uphold in the equinox

Aphrodite: The light and dark of infants, you forget

Aphrodite: God’s love resolves upon that basinet…

Aphrodite: High places and blood rivers! Everything!

Apollo: Strike me down, oh King, for poor worshipping!

Aphrodite: Ironic, aren’t you, brother – or a fool!

Apollo: To be loved is such a treasure that you’ll

Apollo: Yourself too struggle to, yes, feel worthy

Aphrodite: I disagree. Either way, too early

Aphrodite: It is in the morning to covet you

Aphrodite: And your semblance of a man to rescue

Apollo: Scarcely do I know what you determine?

Aphrodite: You’re simple, abide in your own sermon.

Aphrodite: You know, you listen to your own counsel.

Aphrodite: Not mine. Depart from blindness, your roundel

Aphrodite: Of your own army. Let it see who bears

Aphrodite: A shield for servants; let your badge repair.

Apollo: Startled am I by your by your petty pity

Apollo: But, fair, let’s segue, and with alacrity!

Aphrodite: Portents of the greater weakling of two

Aphrodite: Cowards who refuse intellect’s debut

Aphrodite: In Philistia, show one thing rightly

Aphrodite: Life is fragile, entrusted to the spritely…

Aphrodite: …Its best living is – keep your child-like mirth!

Aphrodite: For thinking shrivels luck, there, danger’s birth!

Apollo: I promised, sibling, that our chat would segue

Apollo: A better potsherd of words to bootleg

Apollo: From smashed ruins of worms and fiery kings

Apollo: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Aph’, I am laughing

Apollo: Look at what is wanton, effortlessly

Apollo: My own vindicated philosophy!

Aphrodite: Risible, to the last! Here’s me, aghast!

Aphrodite: That you’d fulfil your own circuit at last!

Aphrodite: Devices from shame, my fraternal joy

Aphrodite: Savagery’s heart in a silly boy!

Aphrodite: Shepherd me from topic and conclusion,

Apollo: What of war, then, in God’s pruned confusion?

Aphrodite: War is shelter from the less of evils

Aphrodite: Two, invasion by another state, still

Aphrodite: Only lonely encampments in the mind

Aphrodite: …Persist to redeem angst from souls too blind

Apollo: But what of God, my guide, the truth of He?

Aphrodite: On what level ground am I nominee?

Apollo: Does it profit the greater good, perhaps?

Aphrodite: A means to an end, is divine relapse

Aphrodite: To smiting and smithing of character

Apollo: Of martial plight, no more disparager

Apollo: Are you, therefore; the thunders’ sanctuary

Apollo: Is ever that they purge adversary!

Apollo: From the pits of fake heritage and sloth

Aphrodite: Assiduous are the tribesmen betrothed!

Aphrodite: To the earth in arbitrary union

Aphrodite: Justly, who can make such a reunion

Aphrodite: Is in your opinion, those who’re of works?

Apollo: If all’s from God, then whosoever shirks

Apollo: Their long, worldly payment to a wonder

Apollo: Can’t bridle the city or get under

Apollo: …the bedrock for themelves, it’s fashioned else…

Aphrodite: In the spite of dishonoured infidels

Aphrodite: I see, because deceitful are the alms

Aphrodite: Those without according religious qualms

Aphrodite: Javelin nowhere, and their tongues do lapse

Aphrodite: The spear of years, a steeple, then, perhaps

Aphrodite: All glory to God, Hosanna on high

Apollo: Yes, a nation’s gnash is pagan’s goodbye

Apollo: Heretic’s vale and witches’ adieu

Aphrodite: Toil then the border up, and let mileu

Aphrodite: Nay, the idea of progress, there decide

Apollo: How civilisations can, true, abide?

Aphrodite: With civilisation itself, comes right

Apollo: And righteousness, ‘pon states and their sweet flight

Apollo: Away from war’s ignominy and vice

Aphrodite: Should their law allow it, this sick device.

Apollo: And so the miry cataracts of mud

Apollo: Mournfully deliver us so the flood:

Apollo: Leaves of a stream, deadly flow’s elation

Apollo: For opaque, forgotten truths of nation

Apollo: Do you like my poem? It occludes light…

Aphrodite: Where light’s gladness to slaughter’s steady blight?

Aphrodite: Sure, the rough foam of waters should not view

Aphrodite: So easily, like arrows one hath drew

Aphrodite: To fire the botany up the mangroves

Aphrodite: Instead, they flow, the leaves, for fish and loaves

Aphrodite: Slow, helpless, asleep… following orders

Aphrodite: The pomp of freer men in wrought borders

Aphrodite: Contrite to nothing, abundant in bones

Apollo: Oh, willing mischief, in rich ransom’s zones

Apollo: A companion that does injure, my strife

Apollo: Where once was mere bitter crooks, or a wife

Apollo: Languished on my shares, are now fatal knaves

Aphrodite: To battle I would tribute me a slave!

Aphrodite: Indignation notwithstanding, because

Aphrodite: My zeal for moons to make of good near draws

Aphrodite: As quick as phantoms moan for lymph and grist

Aphrodite: I’ll only for the side of good, enlist!

Apollo: Settle me then our mediation here

Apollo: That soldiers’ footprints muse a civil sphere

Apollo: And faithless folk forever sound a harp

Apollo: Strung by taunting subjects with their knives sharp

Aphrodite: Then warrior-kings have never ceased rule

Aphrodite: In twenty twenty two, praise then a duel

Aphrodite: Between two despots, or three or some more

Apollo: One decree against the other, each corps

Apollo: A story of psychopaths, princes and

Aphrodite: Princesses, prolonging odes to expand

Aphrodite: Highways to Abaddon steadfastly trod

Apollo: At least we have lasers. Praise be to God.

Aphrodite: That’s blasphemy, that you’re ashamed to speak!

Apollo: No, the parapet of aeons, little weak

Apollo: It is, for its calm, withering wuther

Apollo: An erosion by a breeze to smother

Apollo: That which cannot maintain: evolution

Aphrodite: God of ruined hand and no ablution

Aphrodite: By another, more interfering beau

Apollo: I stoned Moses, sired maths, me, Apollo

Aphrodite: What an orphan of greater men you are!

Aphrodite: Bleeding sap like vanity’s abbatoir

Aphrodite: Ashen and forested, cut and stubborn

Aphrodite: Gladdened like the animals’ discussion

Aphrodite: Over who could be the wildest creature

Aphrodite: Stodgily proceeding, help me, teacher

Aphrodite: What is virtue but a resolution?

Apollo: This, in tomorrow’s circumlocution.

5. Merertha & Hecate


The years’ caducity, t’ve created;

Sired civilisations… ill-fated

Woe spawn of crags and molten false ruin

Each mother’s law that ached to generate

All the coded streams, your souls grew in

To shun the reign of flogging day’s estate

To play thief unto the chaos of night

Who am I? Charon? Such pod-seat t’alight!


Shunned us, you did, nameless, matron, to strife, therefrom, ought then, to gush?

Each formed, culture, deep pit, to comb, and crave, and lap, like love’s frail touch?

Alack! Quarrel! I yield, ’tis I, Hecate, the lame, and tame, the ruptured sooth!

T’pluck! My harp! So keeled, from gust, the breath of eve, by caller’s sleuth!


Appellant, do not fret, fear or fright…

Praise the bulls of progress, hatched aloud
…by I… cleanse your censor of teeth to chat’
Insofar as dwelt indoors the heart,
Are peace, vacancies of evil that

Shake like walls in Richter’s rage apart;

You’ve kept your promise to me, to smoke

Sweet haze from glowing tribes she stoked.


It’s love then, she! Aflame the sear, embers cooked then, upon a grin!

Hence feet arrive at yours to kiss, like mobster’s bliss, such this, chagrin!

Where were you when times were testing? Wherefore ye when hell romped jester?

Frisk and frolic like extra-terrestrial bluster, missed ya, M’rertha!


What missive muzzles dazzling dith’ring?

Complaint! Wing-spanning angel’s prison!

Fleeting was a hope of mine to etch

Without the edifice of scorn – Earth

A narrative of faint euphor-‘ia
The scourge of cosmos’ barren, bland girth
Evil entropy endlessly a…

Sailcloth for Charon’s boat – live, you must!


Such shade the dark, the oily snap, a cam-er-a, a chimera

The phantasm, evil’s bosom, the never-realised ‘ism’s aura,

I give in a, tiny tad as since, being is brief well, spoken thus you,
Merertha, what do you think will happen to us, and our milieu?