Tapio Ylinen, Eclipse Music

“Alex Edwards personifies ‘One man and his guitar.’”


Modnoe FM
“Beautiful songs, sensual voice.”


“Breezy yet bittersweet, sad yet soothing. Smooth and soulful and sincere and simple.”


Streamline Music Blog

“A wonderful, mellow, pop vibe with an infusion of rock elements.. the bright and vibrant tone of Alex’s music is complemented extremely well by his ambient and atmospheric vocals.”


Gael McGregor, Mac Music

“Fun, retro Euro-space pop.”


The X-Ale

“Bright and whimsical… a great indie-rock feel, with a spritz of folk. A great laid-back vibe. Serene, but just enough pop to be memorable.”



“This song (“Hello”) continues Alex’s fascination with sci-fi themes and aliens.”


Musication 104

“He’s John Mayer. Yeah, yeah, it’s very cool vibe. I really really like it. The simplicity of this is wonderful, and the truth of the matter is when you’re more bare bones like this you’ve gotta rely a lot more on what’s going on with your voice, what’s going on with the melody that’s accompanying it, and the good thing that Alex has going for him also that he has an amazing skill guitar-wise. The chord choices, the flavorings, the voicings are really different, really unique. A lot of times when you listen to an acoustic guitar its the standard changes or standard voicings. I haven’t heard something quite like this before, not on our show. A lot of times, people are just kinda going for it, meaning full instrumentation, full band, but this kind of really represents an indie artist.”


Jump Into Limbo

“Singer-songwriter Alex Edwards got our attention with his debut single’s lilting melody, gently meek-but-tortured vocals, and snazzy acoustic guitar playing.”



“Dreamy and groovy, and an original, unique sound – you absolutely didn’t have any trouble standing out to me.”


Happy Magazine
“Idiosyncratic chords, dreamy vocals.”


4ZZZ Radio
“The voice of an angel.”


Zo Magazine


Footstomp Music
“The combination of dream-pop grooves and indie-folk acuity to rise above the cliches of the alt-rock and indie-pop spheres, marrying propulsive basslines to spider silk-soft guitar textures and nimble piano excursions to apt rhythms – all ensconced in a smart lyrical weave of beautifully haunted vocal timbres.”


“His agility and skill as a singer and guitarist should not be undersold.”


“Solid Elliot Smith influences and tight harmonies.”


Sounds of Oz
“Gorgeous, honest.”


Timber & Steel
“A nice preview of what’s to come.”


Hush Hush Magazine
“One of the most prominent voices in the thriving music scene of Queensland.”


BMA Magazine
“This mix of ambiguity with a solid indie-rock musical base seems to work, guiding us along Edwards’s fragmented narrative and unbridled meter.”

Vents Magazine
“He has an ability to enthral audiences with his unique sound.”


Gongscene Magazine
“Prodigious and versatile.”

Remington Magazine

“Alex Edwards exemplifies the spirit of originality and adaptation, moving fluidly between music and literature and approaching songwriting in a manner that is uncompromising.”

Goldfields FM
“A wonderful ramble.”