35 days to go until "Freedom Fiesta" is released! Hope you enjoy this sneek peak of the 10 tunes that will appear in this album, my third ever publication! Cheers! #Alexedwardsproject #Freedomfiesta ️

Repping my @felidaeband shirt. Why? Because Luda is coming back for my next album, sharing vocals again! Can't wait to listen with you to this 10 track publication, due out in October! Seeya tmw at @oskulligans with @its.acrylic.sucks and @issy_burnup from 7pm! #indie #felidaeband #alexedwardsband #itsacrylic #issyburnup

There's nothing like composing in Hungarian Minor to sound deranged! Yep, I'm trying to push the creative envelope for my third release "Fiesta Freedom" which will come out in late 2022. Hope you enjoy one of its tracks "Clio" (stripped back and acoustic here) – a demented in-the-throes-of-the-goddess serenade to Clio. Thank you for your support, looking forward to sharing more music with you soon!

More Project Andromeda songs for you all. "Thoughts From The Ferris Wheel" – sounds better with a distortion pedal, but thought I'd throw up a version of it anyway for a lovely Sunday. Enjoy! #indie #thoughtsfromtheferriswheel #alexedwardsmusic #projectandromeda #ndrmd 😎