Gods, Goddesses and God’s Earth (coming in 2022)

In his own mind, Alex Edwards’s thoughts portend sanity. But, of course, what is sanity? While shuffling intuition-stimulating cards, our protagonist manages to emancipate from traditional definitions of it… conjuring the alien Wrakub out of his mind’s eye and onto the wall in front of his very view! What follows is a pantheon of gods and goddesses and military personnel who claim to be in opposition to one another, critically and informatically – they seek to build up the whole knowledge of God for themselves in rival computing projects that orient to master the science of the brain. Goddess Hecate knows that America’s torture community are drooling at the chance to bring tribulation to a goddess – chauvinistic sadists – but also that the only way to wring Alex free from his collision with the western medical system is to help him play the character authentically – indeed… does Alex have schizophrenia, or has he been implicated into the crossfire of a plot to flesh out the plans of Atlantis for good against the aims of the American military allegiances? Russia and China watch on and Alex’s new friends are forced to concede that who is real and who is not is a two-sided dilemma for both they and he; are the aliens just gremlins from the Kremlin? Spy versus spy resolves in a melodramatic denouement that usurps the very story of espionage itself… circling it back to the apologue of the war’s place in history; who can be trusted in a world populated by the crazy?

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